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We believe that Yoga has the potential to transform you from the outside in.
The path of Yoga has already been laid. Our mission is to help guide you along that path.

At Destination Yoga, we are on a journey to rediscover the essence of Yoga, embracing its ancient wisdom and timeless practices.


Our mission is to empower seekers of inner peace and holistic well-being through authentic, high-quality Yoga teacher trainings held in the most inspiring corners of the world, from Bali to Tuscany.


As the owner and lead teacher, I am dedicated to sharing my deep knowledge and passion for Yoga, guiding you towards a profound connection with the roots of this ancient art.


We believe that by reconnecting to the true spirit of Yoga, you can unlock its transformative power in your life.


Join our community, embark on this transformative journey, and let the destination be not just a place on a map, but a path to a more fulfilled, mindful, and balanced you.


Destination Yoga is about embarking on the path of Yoga, and through its practice transforming yourself from the outside in.


We believe that Yoga, when practiced with simplicity, clarity and purpose, is the surest way to reap its many rewards.

The Yoga discipline has been passed on from teacher to student for centuries, and we look at this history with respect. Sometimes, for various reasons, Yoga in the west has been watered down to be more palatable and we instead think that Yoga is universal and can be learned by anyone, in any culture and environment. Of course, each individual must find a personal way, and our mission is to help everyone finding that path to Yoga.


The foundation has been built and passed on by the masters, from the most ancient times (Patanjali and before him) to the most recent (Krishnamacharia, Iyengar) and we don’t think we have anything to add to these solid roots. If anything, at Destination Yoga we want to remind our students of these roots, keep them healthy and pass them on to the next generation of yogis.


The Destination Yoga Method (DYM), and its associated teacher certification, represent our guiding principles and what you can expect during our classes and trainings.

The DYM Practice is grounded in classical Yoga influenced by B.K.S Iyengar, K. Pathabi Jois, and their teacher Krishnamacharya. These Yogis may be considered the fathers of modern Yoga. Our method does not claim to add anything to these solid roots, but rather, we adapt our style and teaching to suit the modern world and the needs of the current generation.

You will find our physical practice (Asana) is a fusion of classical Yoga with a nuanced freedom of movement - we have gleaned the intense focus on alignment from Iyengar, the discipline and physical strength from the Ashtanga practice, and blended it together with more modern takes on Vinyasa, movement and creativity. We retain the essence of classical Yoga, whilst adapting to the modern age of movement.

Our Yoga Philosophy, whilst considering the old and the new, is primarily influenced by Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras. We integrate this philosophy into our physical practice, both on and off the mat. 

The DYM not only focuses Asana, but emphasizes the eight limbs of Yoga laid out by Patanjali, from the moral and ethical observances, through the control and restraint of breath, with the ultimate goal being the movement inward toward stillness of mind.


Destination Yoga offers Yoga Teacher trainings that are Yoga Alliance certified and in addition, follow the Destination Yoga Method of certification (DYM).

DYM Teacher Trainings offer a distinguished standard of training. Providing students complete the required hours and graduate successfully, they will receive a Yoga Alliance certification. If they do so, and fulfill certain additional steps to prove their experience and teaching skill, they may receive a Destination Yoga Certification. This also applies to advanced trainings.

What sets our certification apart is that we demand a strong connection between the level of certification and the proven skill, understanding and demonstration of a teacher. To ensure this, we believe in ongoing mentorship so that any student undertaking a Destination Yoga certification is able to keep refining and growing their practice and teaching beyond their initial training.


In our 200-hour DYM teacher training you will establish a strong foundation upon which you can build your practice and your teachings.


You will learn the basics of the yoga philosophy, and simple and effective ways to develop a strong personal practice, along with skills very useful to transmit your knowledge in a yoga class.

Every elite athlete is great at the fundamentals. At DYM you will start simple. During this training you will get rid of the extra “fancy”, “advanced” stuff to find the roots of Yoga. From these strong foundations, you will be able to grow as much as you would like.

We believe that Yoga is a progression, both in the postures and in the meditation. After growing your personal practice (postures, breathing techniques, meditation), you will be able to pass it on, if you want, with a simple method that we developed for you. You will be able to pass on your knowledge adapting your teaching to the level of the person you are teaching to.

This is just the beginning. After successfully completing the program, you will not only get the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate, but have the opportunity to move into our mentorship phase, upon which you may apply for  our foundational DYM certificate.


You will see that in a short time you will learn a lot, but Yoga is such a vast world that maybe a lifetime is not enough to learn everything.


At DYM we have more advanced trainings so you will progress your practice and your teaching skills even further. More important than the certification is the mentorship. A good student and a good teacher always update their knowledge and experience. From now on, DYM will be your home where you can always come back to improve yourself. We are together in this beautiful life journey.


Let the journey begin!



Together with 14 other like-minded and incredibly fun students we spent 16 days in between the vineyards of beautiful Tuscany practicing yoga, discussing philosophy, teaching our own classes, but also indulging in the Italian dolce vita with delicious food (pizza night!), wine tastings and the most beautiful Tuscan sunsets. Due to the small group size, each and every one of us was individually challenged and supported, so that I did not only improve my personal practice tremendously, but also feel genuinely confident teaching yoga classes now. I'm beyond grateful for Josh, Tess and Guido sharing all their knowledge with us and can't wait to do my 300h YTT with them!"  


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