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Costa Rica Retreat

Art Villas, Dominical
14th to 20th March, 2025

The "in person" Yoga Reset Retreat
as seen on Alo Moves here

14th to 20th March, 2025

This is your opportunity to re-inspire your Yoga practice and transform your life away from the chaos of everyday life. If you have practiced online with Josh on Alo Moves, you may have tried his series "5-day Yoga Reset Retreat" set amidst the lush jungles of Costa Rica. This series was filmed at the Art Villas, which is where this one of a kind retreat will be held. This is your opportunity to turn virtuality into reality and spend 6 nights immersed in Yoga with Josh and a group of other like-minded individuals. Sometimes an escape is just what you need to reset.


Apply Here

Escape to paradise with most exclusive retreat yet. Limited spaces available!


Click "Apply Now" for a chance to secure your spot.


If you do not hear back, simply email for all the details to reserve your space on our training.


All payment information and refund policies will be communicated via email once you contact us.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

  • Two Yoga classes per day with Josh Kramer at the Art Villas
  • Daily morning meditation & pranayama to transform your practice
  • Workshops on aspects such as Inversions, handstands, arm balances, backbends and more as well as lectures on yoga philosophy.
  • Hands on assists and adjustments to help you work on your individual needs.
  • 6 nights accommodation in Costa Rica staying in an inspiring location
  • 3 incredible meals per day included (except offsite meals & excursions)
  • Stay at the iconic Art Villas where Josh filmed his 5 day Reset Retreat series for Alo Moves!
What's Included

Welcome to Destination Yoga
Your Path to Transformation

"I'm thrilled to welcome you to Destination Yoga, where we embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, well-being, and authentic Yoga practice. As the owner and lead teacher, I'm not only passionate about Yoga, but I'm also deeply committed to sharing its timeless wisdom with you."

- Josh Kramer (Destination Yoga Founder & Lead Teacher)

Whats Involved?

Your home for this 6 night all-inclusive retreat will be the breathtaking Art Villas overlooking the ocean in Dominical, Costa Rica. This is personally one of my favorite areas of Costa Rica alongside Uvita which is just a short drive away.

Yoga will be the core of your retreat, but your days will be spent enjoying everything Costa Rica has to offer - beach trips, booking a day-excursion, adventuring in the jungle to waterfalls, or simply relaxing at our villas by the infinity edge pool. Costa Rica is one of my top travel destinations, and this is your chance to tick it off your bucket list!

Each day will consist of two scheduled Yoga classes, one in the morning and one in the evening.  We will also have plenty of opportunities for workshops, inversion playtime, lectures and more. The remaining time will be filled with beach time, adventures, excursions, and of course an amazing community of Yogis.


I wont provide you with an overly detailed itinerary, just know that you will have plenty of Yoga, incredible food, eye opening cultural experiences, new friends to call family, and memories to last a life time.

I cant wait for you to join me on your retreat!

~ Josh

We welcome all.

Everyone is welcome on this retreat. Regardless of your background, your age, or how "advanced" you think you are - you are welcome. We have had students in their teens and others in the 70's. My personal regret would be that you want to join, but decide not to because you think you aren't good enough or won't fit in. If you have any hesitations at all, please contact me directly. All that I ask is you are passionate about Yoga and spending time with and incredible group of people. Come join us!

~ Josh


Pricing for this retreat is all inclusive! That means you pay one amount which covers your accommodation, Yoga, and all meals except for excursions and any off-site meals which will be at your own expense. You are also welcome to venture out in free time and shop at local stores and cafes at your own expense.

Once we confirm your attendance, you will be required to make the payment directly to us. These prices do not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during excursions.

A security deposit will be required to reserve your space on the retreat. Security deposits are non-refundable. Specific details will be provided to you by email after your initial inquiry to join the course.

For more information or any specific questions, please refer to the FAQ below or email us and we will happily address your concerns.

All Inclusive Pricing
from US$2,400 to US$3,500

Pricing for this retreat is based on your accommodation choice. All rooms are advertised as Private, but shared occupancy pricing is available. For shared accommodation you will need to apply together with a partner/friend to share the double bed as single beds are not available. We have done our best to offer a wide range of pricing options but spaces are highly limited. This will be a small group retreat!

The Art Villa

Private Accommodation: $3,500

Shared Accommodation: $2,990 per person shared bed


Raw and elemental, the five-bedroom home stands as a bold study in concrete, steel and glass, an architectural statement seemingly suspended in the tree canopy, despite its mass and stature. Far from lightweight or wispy, the property showcases a powerful modern design.

It’s an elevated statement home where concrete walls are sharpened by walls of glass, and the property stair steps astoundingly across the leafy rainforest canopy, punctuated by a huge infinity pool jutting into the treetops.

The Atelier

Master Bedroom:

Private: $3,500

Shared Bed: $2,990 per person

Bedroom 2 & 3

Private: $3,200

Shared Bed: $2,690 per person

 Please note that bedrooms 2 & 3 are separated by a sliding divider which can be opened or closed to make one large two-bed room or two separated rooms

Atelier 2.jpeg

Walls slide away. Rectilinear rooms lack fixed boundaries. And the wild natural world surrounding it offers boundless tranquility—an encounter with verdant vegetation, abundant flora, and colorful fauna within the protected confines of a stunning, design-forward home.

The Coco Pods

Coco Pod

Private: $2,790

Shared Bed: $2,390 per person

 Please note that there are 4 Coco pods and each vary in terms of their location and certain amenities. You are welcome to request which specific pod you would like to book, but availability is first-come first-serve.


Breaking all architectural conventions, the private, protective “coco” shelters offer a decidedly playful, take on glamping, combining cushion-dotted, skybridge-style wooden walkways and decks, lounge-if-you-dare resting nets, trampoline landings, and intimate, well-appointed bedroom and living pods suspended above the treetops.

​Once we confirm your attendance, you will be required to make the payment directly to us. These prices do not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during day-off excursions or dinners/evenings out.

A security deposit will be required to reserve your space at the retreat. Security deposits are non-refundable. Specific details will be provided to you by email after your initial inquiry to join the course.

For more information or any specific questions, please refer to the FAQ below or email us and we will happily address your concerns.

Why Choose Destination Yoga

At Destination Yoga, we offer more than just Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings.

We offer a unique and transformative experience.


Here's why you should choose us:

Experience & Expertise

With a lifetime of dedication to Yoga, Josh has not only honed his skills but also gained the trust of hundreds of new and experienced teachers through his trainings. Teaching is a humble profession, and Josh is honored to be your lead teacher.

Exotic Learning Environment

Imagine immersing yourself in the heart of Bali's lush nature or the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany while deepening your Yoga practice. Our trainings take place in these breathtaking locations, providing the perfect backdrop for your journey.

Authentic Yoga Philosophy

We're not just another teacher training and retreat program. Our mission is to connect you with the authentic roots of Yoga. This means delving into its profound philosophy, timeless teachings, and spiritual aspects, enriching your practice beyond the physical postures.

A Thriving Community

As part of the Destination Yoga family, you'll find a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Yoga. The journey doesn't end with the training or retreat; it continues within this inspiring community.

Transformation Awaits

Our retreats help foster personal growth, spiritual exploration, and overall well-being.

Join us, and you'll not only enjoy a well-earned retreat with a group of likeminded people, but also give yourself space to become a more balanced, mindful, and enlightened individual.

Whether you're an experienced Yogi or a newcomer to the practice, Destination Yoga is your gateway to a deeper connection with the authentic roots of Yoga.

Join us, and let your journey of transformation begin.


Ready to take the first step? Click "Apply Now" to start your application.

We can't wait to have you on board.

Meet our Team


Josh Kramer

Lead Teacher

Yoga has been with Josh since he was a child growing up in Zimbabwe, and it has become his life’s passion to share it’s many gifts with the world.

Josh has been practising Yoga since he was a young child and teaching since his late teens. His style melds a unique blend of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow - he emphasizes alignment and integrity in the poses, whilst challenging students with creativity and strength.

Through his training, students will develop a strong foundation in the classical roots of Yoga, but with the creativity to fuze in modern and nuanced styles.


Ali Jane

Retreat Coordinator

Ali is an art loving creative. She grew up in Northern California and loves the outdoors, photography, art and of course Yoga.

She has been practicing Yoga since she was a child alongside her dad, and has a natural passion and knowledge around the subject.

Ali is Josh's partner, and she completed his Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica and is now gaining experience as a Teacher.

Here's what past students say...

I had the most amazing time during my 200h YTT with Josh, Guido and Tess, who are not only the best teachers you could wish for, but also have become wonderful friends! Together with 14 other like-minded and incredibly fun students we spent 16 days in between the vineyards of beautiful Tuscany practicing yoga, discussing philosophy, teaching our own classes, but also indulging in the Italian dolce vita with delicious food (pizza night!), wine tastings and the most beautiful Tuscan sunsets. Due to the small group size, each and every one of us was individually challenged and supported, so that I did not only improve my personal practice tremendously, but also feel genuinely confident teaching yoga classes now. I'm beyond grateful for Josh, Tess and Guido sharing all their knowledge with us and can't wait to do my 300h YTT with them!


What are you waiting for?
  • Am I too old or young to join
    Don't be absurd! We welcome all ages with open arms. We have had students in their teens join, as well as others in their 70's. Age becomes an irrelevant factor, and you will find that you develop friendships with people irrespective of age. The only factor we ask you to consider, is your level of energy. Days are long and can be quite demanding. You are always welcome to take time to rest as you need it, but please keep this in mind.
  • Can I book accommodation off site
    Yes we can discuss this as an option. You would be required to arrange your own accommodation nearby, and to drive in each day for all of the required sessions. If you are interested in this option, we can discuss alternative pricing which only includes tuition, meals and other associated costs. Let us know!
  • I am scared to travel solo
    We completely understand this concern! Once you arrive at the venue, you will feel completely looked after and it definitely won't feel like you are traveling solo anymore. That being said, taking the leap to travel from the comfort of your home to somewhere foreign like Bali can be quite scary. We are happy to work with you individually to help make sure you have taken all the right steps, and feel supported from your doorstep, to your Yoga mat. In certain instances, we may be able to connect you with other students traveling from your same location so that you have a travel buddy. We are also able to connect you with travel advisories to help you with booking any flights and transport.
  • I have particular dietary requirements
    We understand that many people have dietary requirements, and it can be a challenge to have meals outside of your home. Our trainings and retreats are catered by the host accommodation, and we will provide them with your dietary needs. We must ensure that you let us know in advance of any restrictions so that we can work with you on them.
  • Do you offer payment plans
    We are happy to offer personalized payment plans to work with your needs. The only requirement is that you pay an initial deposit in order to secure your spot on the training/retreat. Send us a message and ask us about a payment plan to suit you.
  • What certification will I get
    Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certificate. This is valid throughout the world, and it will be up to you if you choose to register yourself on Yoga Alliance which will incur an additional fee. This is optional as certain employers may require you to register. There will be additional requirements after the training is complete that you will be invited to undertake. If you complete these successfully, you will be eligible for an additional Destination Yoga Method (DYM) certification. This is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance and is a stand-alone certificate to demonstrate your level of teaching proficiency under the Destination Yoga teaching method.
  • How many people are on the training
    Unless otherwise specified, we tend to limit our training capacity to between 15-22 students. This is done intentionally to ensure a high standard of quality and to ensure you are able to receive adequate attention from the lead teacher without being lost in the crowd.
  • What can I do to prepare for a training
    Keep practicing! We recommend that you practice with Josh online to familiarize yourself with his teaching style. Having an established regular practice will help you get used to the regular practice on the training. In terms of study, we do not expect you to have any base level knowledge of Yoga philosophy, history etc. This will all be taught to you during the course.
  • How often do we practice
    On trainings, we do an Asana practice twice daily - once in the morning, and once in the evening. In addition to this, throughout the day you will often be moving as you practice teach, study anatomy etc. It is very normal that during the training your body will feel exhausted. You are invited to "observe" sessions if you feel like you need a break from the movement.
  • Is the focus more on Yoga, or on a "retreat"
    This is a Yoga Teacher Training, and so the focus is first and foremost on Yoga. We spend the majority of our days immersed in practice, study, learning to teach and more. That being said, these trainings give you ample time to have fun and enjoy the destination you are in. During busy teaching days, that might look like a run down to the beach or pool for a dip during lunch, or going to a sunset restaurant as a group after classes. On our scheduled days off you are free to do as you want, or join us for a planned group excursion such as a yacht snorkeling trip. You will work hard, you will completely immerse yourself in all aspects of Yoga, but you will also have an amazing time with your community.
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