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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Tuscany, Italy
1st Intake: 31st July to August 16th, 2022
(Waitlist - currently full)

1st Intake: 31st July to 16th August (1 space left!)


Prices vary based on room choice. Scroll down for details

Destination Yoga
200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Josh Kramer & Yoga Garage

Begin your transformational journey with Yoga. Come join our all-inclusive 200-hour Advanced Teacher Training in stunning Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy! This is an amazing opportunity for you to delve deeper into your personal practice and take the first steps towards becoming a certified Yoga Teacher.


* 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification 

* Fully inclusive training - all meals and accommodation provided!

* 1st Intake: Check-in July 31st, Check-out August 16th
* 2nd Intake: Check-in Aug 30th
, Check-out Sept 15th

* Stay on in a charming Tuscan villa - pools, olive groves, vineyards, and pizza nights!

* Day off excursions to the thermal hot springs of Saturnia, and wine tasting in Chianti, Tuscany and more!

* Learning about the roots of yoga from experienced practitioners and teachers 

* Immersion in Italian culture 

*This training is open to all levels. We only ask that you are passionate about Yoga, and eager to work!

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The next stage of your Yoga journey awaits!


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If you do not hear back, simply email for all the details to reserve your space on our training.


All payment information and refund policies will be communicated via email once you contact us.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

Whats Involved?

Your home for this 16 day all-inclusive training will be a charming estate, located in the Chianti area of Tuscany.

There are two large country villas with pricing options for single occupancy, and shared by request. One villa has just been renovated, and is priced at a slight premium. The other is just as special, but with a rustic charm! This will be your home with a group of likeminded Yogis as you learn and practice throughout your time in Tuscany.

You will dive deeper into learning about the practice of yoga and learn a range of skills as both a teacher and student. You will study the roots of yoga and its culture and, at the same time, we will encourage you to think outside the box to create your own personal style. Subjects include Yoga sequencing, pose breakdowns, basic anatomy, pranayama, philosophy, assists and adjustments, and much more. You will leave this training feeling confident in your newfound knowledge and experience!

Come and journey with us on this adventure! We will enjoy amazing Italian meals together, become closest of friends, and explore some of the beauty Italy has to offer such as the thermal hot springs of Saturnia and wine tasting in nearby vineyards. Not to forget, our own pizza oven for pizza nights! We hope to see you soon.


Pricing for this training is all inclusive! That means you pay one amount which covers your tuition and certification, your shared accommodation and 3 meals per day for 16 nights.

Once we confirm your attendance, you will be required to make the tuition payment directly to us. These prices do not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during day-off excursions.

A security deposit will be required to reserve your space at the training. Security deposits are non-refundable unless disruptions are due to Covid-19. Specific details will be provided to you by email after your initial inquiry to join the course.

For more information or any specific questions, please refer to the FAQ below or email us and we will happily address your concerns.


VIew our 200hr Curriculum

Daily Schedule.

The schedule below is an example of a typical day. Please note that days may vary, but this is typical of what you can expect. Day’s will be intense - we believe that this is what grows you both as an individual and teacher. There will also be plenty of time for breaks, bonfires, swims in the pool, and laughter!


07:30 - 8:00 | Meditation/Journaling/ Self Practice/Pranayama

8:00 - 9:00 | Guided Pranayama/Bandha work/Activity
9.00 - 10.00 | Guided Yoga Asana Practice
10:00 - 10:30 | Breakfast & Discussion
10:30 - 13:00 | Lectures & Teaching
13:00 - 14:00 | Lunch & Discussion
14:00 - 17:30 | Lessons/Observations/Assisting
17:30 - 18:30 | Asana Practice
19:00 - 20:30 | Dinner & Discussion
20:30 - 21:30 | Activity/Satsang/Yogic Philosophy/ Bonfires etc


During the training, we will arrange for day’s off as well as partial days. These will likely take place on Sunday, however we may choose to do our day offs on a weekday to avoid crowds.

Villa & Room List
All Inclusive Pricing
Range from €4,200 to 5,200

The price includes tuition as well as all meals and accommodation (shared or private depending on your selection). 


This does not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during day-off excursions. Please note, private occupancy is available by request and pricing will vary.

Villa One (Newly Renovated)

This newly renovated Country Villa is nestled amongst the cypress trees, with the olive groves and vineyards nearby and a brief stroll to the pool area. It consists of six rooms all equipped with AC and their own dedicated bathrooms.

There are six renovated rooms, and each has either its own private direct ensuite access or a nearby private bathroom. They are bright, welcoming spaces that will make your time on the training memorable. Five of the rooms are advertised for shared occupancy and will have two single beds. Only 1 of the rooms will be advertised as private and has a one double bed.

Room 1 - Shared Occupancy
€4,800 per person

Room 2 - Shared Occupancy
€4,800 per person

Room 3 - Shared Occupancy
€4,800 per person

Room 4 - Shared Occupancy
€4,800 per person

Room 5 - Shared Occupancy
€4,800 per person

Room 6 - Single Occupancy
€5,200 for single occupancy

Villa Two (Yet to be Renovated)

This charming and rustic Villa is large and expansive, but rooms have yet to be re-furbished. Because of this, we have priced them more modestly compared to the other Villa. Rooms are comfortable and will have dedicated bathroom access, but will not come equipped with AC. Our indoor Yoga Space is located on the bottom level of this Villa, and will be where we spend most of our time as a group.

Cottage 1 is fully detached from the main Villa, and Cottage 2 is semi-detached. They have their own private bathroom access and offer greater privacy than the rooms inside the house.

Cottage 1: Samatvam Cottage (Single Occupancy)
€4,800 for private room
Cottage 2: Samskara Cottage (Single Occupancy)
€4,800 for private room

Rooms are priced based on size, amenity access and appearance.


Room 1: Udar Room (two twin beds for shared occupancy)
€4,200 per person
Room 2: Garuda Wing (two twin beds for shared occupancy)
€4,200 per person
Room 3: Alpa-Akasha Suite (Single Occupancy)
€4,800 for private room
Room 4: Agni-Akasha Suite
(single occupancy)
€4,800 for private room
Room 5: Trimurti Room (single occupancy)
€4,800 for private room

Take a tour of our Villas

Meet The Team


Josh Kramer

Yoga has been with Josh since he was a child growing up in Zimbabwe, and it has become his life’s passion to share it’s many gifts with the world.

Josh has been practising Yoga since he was a young child and teaching since his late teens. His style melds a unique blend of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow - he emphasizes alignment and integrity in the poses, whilst challenging students with creativity and strength.

Through his training, students will develop a strong foundation in the classical roots of Yoga, but with the creativity to fuze in modern and nuanced styles.


Guido Baligioni

Guido Baligioni has been practicing yoga since 2000. He has explored many methods, from very gentle and traditional methods, to more modern and energetic styles.


His lessons combine challenging postures, breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga philosophy. His style comes from the two methods of yoga he has been the most influenced by: Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.


Guido loves to push his students to their maximum potential, following a safe and personalized progression. He has been leading teacher trainings for many years, helping to mold a new generation of yoga teachers. 


Tess Obermeier

Tess Obermeier tried yoga for the first time in 2004. From there she moved closer and closer to the practice with consistency and passion.


Tess has studied many different yoga methods to deepen her understanding and widen her view of yoga. She has been teaching since 2011 and has been training many students on their own path to become yoga teachers.


Tess trains with passion and precision and comprehensively prepares her students to step into the important role of ‘teacher.’ To her, there is nothing as satisfying as watching her students grow.

Experience Tuscany

Your Days Off.

During our time together, you will fall in love with the Italian countryside. On our days off, we will explore the amazing offerings of Florence and wider Tuscany. Picture a day spent in the Chianti countryside, at a villa amidst vineyards and olive groves - possibly wine tasting. We will make authentic pizzas in the wood fired oven, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, and relax with an amazing community of friends. We will also venture to the Thermal Hot Springs of Saturnia. These are the stunning terraced pools, that are turquoise in color. We will welcome the sunrise at the hot springs, followed by breakfast at the Terme di Saturnia resort, and much needed relaxation in their private hot springs. We may also spend the day exploring the city of Florence. There are endless opportunities, and we will make sure your days off will be experiences for you to cherish for the rest of your life.