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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Tuscany, Italy
24th Aug to 9th Sept, 2024

Welcome to Destination Yoga
Your Path to Transformation

"I'm thrilled to welcome you to Destination Yoga, where we embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, well-being, and authentic Yoga practice. As the owner and lead teacher, I'm not only passionate about Yoga, but I'm also deeply committed to sharing its timeless wisdom with you."

- Josh Kramer (Destination Yoga Founder & Lead Teacher)

What's Included
  • Two Yoga classes per day
  • Daily morning meditation & pranayama
  • All-day lectures, classes and interactive learning with lead teacher Josh
  • Yoga philosophy, history, anatomy and posture clinics
  • learn hands on assists
  • Gain real experience teaching under Josh's guidance
  • 16 nights accommodation in Tuscany, Italy
  • 3 meals per day included (except days off & excursions)
  • Eligible to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion
  • Additional Destination Yoga foundational certification under the Destination Yoga Method (DYM)
Why Choose Destination Yoga

At Destination Yoga, we offer more than just Yoga Teacher Trainings.

We offer a unique and transformative experience.


Here's why you should choose us:

Experience & Expertise

With a lifetime of dedication to Yoga, Josh has not only honed his skills but also gained the trust of hundreds of new and experienced teachers through his trainings. Teaching is a humble profession, and Josh is honored to be your lead teacher.

Exotic Learning Environment

Imagine immersing yourself in the heart of Bali's lush nature or the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany while deepening your Yoga practice. Our trainings take place in these breathtaking locations, providing the perfect backdrop for your journey.

Authentic Yoga Philosophy

We're not just another teacher training program. Our mission is to connect you with the authentic roots of Yoga. This means delving into its profound philosophy, timeless teachings, and spiritual aspects, enriching your practice beyond the physical postures.

A Thriving Community

As part of the Destination Yoga family, you'll find a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Yoga. The journey doesn't end with the training; it continues within this inspiring community.

Transformation Awaits

While our program certifies you to teach Yoga, it also fosters personal growth, spiritual awakening, and overall well-being.

Join us, and you'll not only become a Yoga teacher but also a more balanced, mindful, and enlightened individual.

Whether you're an experienced Yogi or a newcomer to the practice, Destination Yoga is your gateway to a deeper connection with the authentic roots of Yoga.

Join us, and let your journey of transformation begin.


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We can't wait to have you on board.

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If you do not hear back, simply email for all the details to reserve your space on our training.


All payment information and refund policies will be communicated via email once you contact us.

We can’t wait for you to join us!


Destination Yoga

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

At Destination Yoga, we believe in the transformative power of Yoga in its purest form. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are a journey back to the roots of this ancient practice, embracing its profound philosophy and time-honored traditions.

During our 200hr in Tuscany, you will hit the ground running. Our days revolve around Yoga, and you will find growth in your personal practice, your outlook and experience with Yoga, and of course your ability to teach Yoga.

What sets us apart:

1. A Commitment to Tradition: Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are deeply rooted in the authentic teachings of Yoga. We stay true to the ancient wisdom and practices that have been cherished for centuries, ensuring that you receive a genuine, unaltered Yoga experience.

2. Mind, Body, and Spirit: We go beyond the physical postures, delving into the spiritual and mental aspects of Yoga. Our trainings offer a holistic approach, enabling you to explore the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit that Yoga embodies.

3. Experienced Leadership: As the owner and lead teacher, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to guide you on this enlightening journey. My passion for Yoga and extensive knowledge ensure that you receive the most authentic education.

4. Reconnect and Transform: Our training is not just about learning to teach Yoga; it's about personal transformation. Discover the profound benefits of an authentic Yoga practice as it reconnects you with your inner self, fosters personal growth, and enhances your overall well-being.

5. Ongoing Support: The authenticity of our training extends beyond the classroom. Join our vibrant Destination Yoga community, where you'll find continuous support, resources, and connections to help you on your Yoga journey.

Join us in embracing the rich heritage of this practice and unlock its transformative potential in your life. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your Yoga journey, our teacher training program will inspire and empower you. Experience the true essence of Yoga with Destination Yoga.



06:30 - 7:30 | Meditation/Journaling/ Self Practice/Pranayama

8:00 - 9:00 | Guided Pranayama/Bandha work/Activity
9.00 - 10.00 | Guided Yoga Asana Practice
10:00 - 10:30 | Breakfast & Discussion
10:30 - 13:00 | Lectures & Teaching
13:00 - 14:00 | Lunch & Discussion
14:00 - 17:30 | Lessons/Observations/Assisting
17:30 - 18:30 | Asana Practice
19:00 - 20:30 | Dinner & Discussion
20:30 - 21:30 | Activity/Satsang/Yogic Philosophy/ Bonfires etc

The schedule below is an example of a typical day. Please note that days may vary, but this is typical of what you can expect. Day’s will be intense - we believe that this is what grows you both as an individual and teacher. There will also be plenty of time for breaks, swims in the pool, walks down to the beach or into town, and plenty of laughs together!


During the training, we will arrange for day’s off as well as partial days. These will likely take place on Sunday, however we may choose to do our day offs on a weekday to avoid crowds.

Program Curriculum

The Destination Yoga Method (DYM) trains you to be confident and empowered both as a student and as a teacher of Yoga. Our curriculum ensures that you develop the knowledge, experience, and discipline to be the best possible student of Yoga, and if your passion and purpose align, an incredible teacher too.

You will receive our comprehensive 200+ page manual written by Josh Kramer. During the training we will cover aspects from Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathwork), teaching skills & techniques, assists & adjustments, anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, class sequencing and much much more.

Cultivating Your Personal Practice

- developing a Sadhana (your personal practice)
- delving into what growth means as a student of Yoga
- introduction to an introspective practice through meditation & Pranayama


- understanding and application of basic applied anatomy and physiology
- distinguishing functional anatomy
- posture clinics to break down and explore poses
- teaching using props to support or deepen students practice

Functional Approach to Yoga Anatomy

- moving beyond broad anatomy
- recognizing that all bodies are different and how this applies to Yoga
- adapting poses to suit individual anatomical requirements

Yoga Class Sequencing

- build confidence in effective Yoga class and flow sequencing
- establish a foundational class sequence which may be built off
- learn how to break the mould with creative sequencing

Base Adjustments & Assists

- Learn how to safely and effectively assist students in a selection of poses
- exploring assists and how to incorporate them
- integrating your knowledge of anatomy with your assists
- develop effective demonstration techniques

Inversions & Arm Balances

- teaching arm balances and inversions safely and effectively
- assists and adjustments
- developing your own arm balance skills

Yoga as Profession

- business development and marketing of Yoga
- ethics of being a Yoga professional
- how to grow yourself as a teacher, and a business
- planning & teaching workshops, retreats, festivals and more.

Yoga Philosophy

- build your knowledge and understanding of Yogic Philosophy and History
- delve into the Yoga Sutras under the guidance of Josh to help interpretation
- Basic Sanskrit language development
- how to integrate philosophy into your teaching in a practical way

Introduction to Pranayama

- build a deeper understanding and experience of Pranayama techniques
- practice Pranayama in your own body before learning to teach it
- gain experience in teaching Pranayama and breathing techniques to students
- Bandha and Kriya

Yoga for Special Populatio

- explore the role of Yoga for a range of special populations you may encounter
- how to safely and effectively teach to different audiences

Reflection & Hands on Teaching

- reflect on your personal practice and how to expand your teaching
- hands on experience implementing new teaching approaches
- build experience as a teacher

This is just a snapshot into our curriculum. Trust that you will have your head (and heart) filled to the brim with a wealth of knowledge. You will gain plenty of practical, hands on hours incorporating what you learn - from practice to teaching. This is an extremely comprehensive program.

Here's what past students say...

I had the most amazing time during my 200h YTT with Josh, Guido and Tess, who are not only the best teachers you could wish for, but also have become wonderful friends! Together with 14 other like-minded and incredibly fun students we spent 16 days in between the vineyards of beautiful Tuscany practicing yoga, discussing philosophy, teaching our own classes, but also indulging in the Italian dolce vita with delicious food (pizza night!), wine tastings and the most beautiful Tuscan sunsets. Due to the small group size, each and every one of us was individually challenged and supported, so that I did not only improve my personal practice tremendously, but also feel genuinely confident teaching yoga classes now. I'm beyond grateful for Josh, Tess and Guido sharing all their knowledge with us and can't wait to do my 300h YTT with them!


Whats Involved?

Your home for this 16 day all-inclusive training will be a charming organic farmstead. Set in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, surrounded by woodlands, vineyards, olive groves and mountain streams, with spectacular views and untouched landscapes,  Le Pianore Villa and Organic Wine Farm boasts beautifully restored villas and studio spaces, is the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding countryside; from the slopes of the Monte Amiata down to the Maremma coast.

There is a mix of different accommodations, each with their own Tuscan charm and rustic flare. Each come with pricing options for single occupancy or shared. This will be your home with a group of likeminded Yogis as you learn and practice throughout your time in Tuscany.

You will dive deeper into learning about the practice of yoga and learn a range of skills as both a teacher and student. You will study the roots of yoga and its culture and, at the same time, we will encourage you to think outside the box to create your own personal style. Subjects include Yoga sequencing, pose breakdowns, basic anatomy, pranayama, philosophy, assists and adjustments, and much more. You will leave this training feeling confident in your newfound knowledge and experience!

Come and journey with us on this adventure! We will enjoy amazing Italian meals together, become closest of friends, and explore some of the beauty Italy has to offer such as the Tuscan coastline and wine tasting in nearby vineyards.

I cant wait for you to join me on your training!

~ Josh



Everyone is welcome on this retreat. Regardless of your background, your age, or how "advanced" you think you are - you are welcome. We have had students in their teens and others in the 70's. My personal regret would be that you want to join, but decide not to because you think you aren't good enough or won't fit in. If you have any hesitations at all, please contact me directly. All that I ask is you are passionate about Yoga and spending time with and incredible group of people. Come join us!

~ Josh


Pricing for this retreat is all inclusive! That means you pay one amount which covers your accommodation, Yoga, and all meals except for days off, and one group dinner out which will be at your own expense. You are also welcome to venture out in free time and shop at local stores and cafes at your own expense.

Once we confirm your attendance, you will be required to make the payment directly to us. These prices do not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during excursions.

A security deposit will be required to reserve your space on the retreat. Security deposits are non-refundable. Specific details will be provided to you by email after your initial inquiry to join the course.

For more information or any specific questions, please refer to the FAQ below or email us and we will happily address your concerns.

All Inclusive Pricing
from US$4,000 to US$6,000

Pricing for this training is based on your accommodation choice. We have shared or private bedrooms in the various villas and rooms. We have done our best to offer a wide range of pricing options. Please keep in mind that this is Tuscany - rooms will be rustic but that is part of the charm. There is no Air Conditioning, but evenings are cool and fans can be made available per request.


The price is all-inclusive. That means you pay one amount which covers your tuition and certification, your shared accommodation and 3 meals per day for 16 nights.

Le Pianore is a certified organic farmstead set amidst the Tuscan countryside. 

The Villa Camposteffani

The building dates back to 1100 A.D. It used to be the house for the builders working on the Motepinzutolo Castle, it later became the home of farmers who shared the spaces with the animals.
Inside there are seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a living room with a kitchenette, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. The rooms all have terracotta floors, delightfully cool in the summertime. Most of the rooms have a private bathroom and direct access to the gardens.

Choose your room below

The Suite


Large room with private terrace. Queen bed. Ensuite bathroom with bath.

This room is private occupancy.

The Piccola & The French Room

$4,990 per room

Two rustic single bedrooms each with a single bed, and which both share a bathroom

These room are private occupancy but share a bathroom.

The Guest's Room


Double bedroom with a queen bed, ensuite bathroom with shower and direct access to gardens.

This room is private occupancy.

The Rock Room

$4,500 per person

Double bedroom with two single beds, ensuite bathroom with shower and direct access to gardens.

This room will be shared by up to 2 students.

The Nonno's Room


Large room with a queen bed and a supplementary single bed. Ensuite bathroom with shower. Direct access to gardens.

This room is private occupancy.

The Quad

$4,000 per person

Four single beds, ensuite bathroom with shower. Direct access to gardens.


This room will be shared by up to 4 students.

The Yurt, The Fienile & The Pagliatella 

The Yurt

$4,500 per person

Nestled away for a little slice of seclusion, with two large windows and a skylight, this bright, contemporary yurt is quintessentially designed. A perfect forest hideaway for the wild at heart! 2 single beds and 1 queen size bed. Bathroom with shower just outside of the Yurt.

This room will be shared by up to 3 students.

The Fienile


Dating back to 700 A.D., it was the first human settlement in the whole area, inhabited by a monk from the San Salvatore abbey.
The historical Fienile is now converted into a cottage with a private bathroom and a breathtaking view from the bedroom window.
It is a two story house with its own kitchenette and living room.

There is one Queen Bed.

This building is Private Occpancy

The Pagliatella

$4,500 per person

It’s the newest beauty here at Le Pianore. A completely eco-friendly straw house made of 100% natural materials. The two bedrooms overlook the olive groves, offering a view of the Villa and the gardens.

there are two double bedrooms each with two single beds, ensuite bathroom with shower and direct access to gardens.

This building has 2 rooms, and will be shared by up to 4 students.

​Once we confirm your attendance, you will be required to make the tuition payment directly to us. These prices do not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during day-off excursions or dinners/evenings out.

A security deposit will be required to reserve your space at the training. Security deposits are non-refundable. Specific details will be provided to you by email after your initial inquiry to join the course.

For more information or any specific questions, please refer to the FAQ below or email us and we will happily address your concerns.

View Bingin Retreat and their specific room layouts using the link below:

Meet The Team


Josh Kramer

Lead Teacher

Yoga has been with Josh since he was a child growing up in Zimbabwe, and it has become his life’s passion to share it’s many gifts with the world.

Josh has been practising Yoga since he was a young child and teaching since his late teens. His style melds a unique blend of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow - he emphasizes alignment and integrity in the poses, whilst challenging students with creativity and strength.

Through his training, students will develop a strong foundation in the classical roots of Yoga, but with the creativity to fuze in modern and nuanced styles.


Ali Jane

Training Coordinator

Ali is an art loving creative. She grew up in Northern California and loves the outdoors, photography, art and of course Yoga.

She has been practicing Yoga since she was a child alongside her dad, and has a natural passion and knowledge around the subject.

Ali is Josh's partner, and she recently completed his Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica and is now gaining experience as a Teacher.



Trainee Teacher

Allie is one of our co-teachers on this training. She became certified as a Yoga teacher in 2020, and recently graduated from a Destination Yoga 200hr. She has been gaining experience as a Destination Yoga teacher for the past year. 


She will be leading classes, and supporting teaching components. She will be your go-to for any support, and questions during the training.


Aside from Yoga, Allie has worked in the corporate sector in a variety of roles, but she thrives most when it comes to working with people. You can count on her to make you feel warm and welcome, and to bring a smile to your day.

The Yoga Shala

Shala San Francesco, built in the same Tuscan stone and vernacular style as the other villas, is an inviting space with oak parquet floors and large doors that open onto far reaching views of the pool and the gardens. We will do most of our daily practice and lectures here, but we will also make use of the beautiful outdoors when we have the chance!

The Property

With our own slice of seclusion in the countryside of Tuscany, we will enjoy our meals together outdoors. In our downtime, or during some Philosophy sessions, you will be able to be able to relax poolside or explore the surrounding nature.

Experience Tuscany
Your Days Off

During our time together, you will fall in love with the Italian countryside. On our days off, we will explore the amazing offerings of wider Tuscany. Picture a day spent in the countryside, at a villa amidst vineyards and olive groves - possibly wine tasting. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, and relax with an amazing community of friends. We might also venture to the Thermal Hot Springs of Saturnia. These are the stunning terraced pools, that are turquoise in color. We may spend the day on a boat cruising the Mediterranean coastline, aperol spritz in hand, living the Italian summer dream. There are endless opportunities, and we will make sure your days off will be experiences for you to cherish for the rest of your life.